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Strathearn Closepack Frigger


Just thought I would post these pictures of my latest weight - a Strathearn Closepack of 3" diameter. These closepack weights were made in at least four sizes from one and a half to three inch diameter and usually comprise of small canes set directly on to a coloured base but this one has unusually large canes, some being half an inch diameter, floating above a multi-coloured base.
Richard More and Dave Moir both think this is a frigger - or one of a kind weight - and Dave says the canes are early ones used soon after the factory opened in 1964 although this does not necessarily mean this weight was made then.
Just thought I would ask if anyone has seen a Strathearn weight with large pieces of cane like this or a similar kind of base

Hi Dave,

Fascinating. And a good find.

I think some,  or perhaps several, of the canes - especially those in the outer row, could be from the Ysart Brothers years (or earlier). I will have to examine my example weights closely to see what I can find a match for.

After seeing and handling the actual weight I now think that maybe one cane is from the Ysart Brothers period (or 1930s?). It is the one with the dark red sleeve and the interior "daisy" pattern, near the bottom of the first photo.

However, dark red is not a colour I have seen very often in earlier Ysart canes.

But several of the canes could easily be from the Vasart Ltd years.


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