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Holmegaard Inkwell - Unidentified Signature

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I just bought this really lovely inkwell, which for some mystifying reason no one else wanted, and I don't recognise the signature on the bottom...


...any clue, anyone?  :D

Just a thought Nic, could it signify that it was made for a corporate commission  rather than for open sale?

I've got a corporate commision Holmegaard decanter, and that's unsigned. But then decanters were rarely signed.

I can post a bigger photograph of the signature now that the inkwell's arrived:

I've been trying to find people who've designed for Holmegaard whose names begin with 'C', and I can only think of Christer Holmgren of C&C Holmgren design team fame.

I've seen the copyright symbol (C) used on scandinavian glass to denote the design has been registered.  Just a thought.....


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