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Help ID this Carnival Glass Comport


I have this large Carnival Glass Comport and would like some help to Id the marker, age etc, it stands 8 inches tall and 9 inches wide and weighs 1.7 kgs, base is quite clear and then turns to a very nice marigold , it is decorated on both sides , on the outside it looks like cherries , although it could be grapes as it looks like vines around top, and on the inside some type of flowers maybe marigolds or sunflowers , not sure if any connection between the 2 sides, I had looked for some time through David Doty's carnival glass website with no success
thanks roy

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It's Fenton's Mikado. Classic old Carnival

Now you can go and look at Doty's.


Thanks alot Glen took all of 5 minutes
many thanks roy

You're welcome Roy -and yours is a beautiful example of the comport. Mikado is seldom found in the UK. We brought our marigold example all the way back from the USA some fifteen or so years ago. I am aware of blue and (rare) green ones that have been found in the UK, but they really are few and far between.



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