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Two Nice Paperweights


Hi All
I was lucky as I bought four very nice weights last weekend and thought I would share a couple with you.

First is a nice one of a kind weight of flowers on a trellis by Calum McDougall which includes his CFM signature cane. I have managed to find out that the lampwork was made by Allan Scott and the weight was made in Peter McDougall's studio in Crieff probably in 2011. Diameter is three inches and I am now trying to discover how many of these beautiful weights Calum has made, I am sure it is not many.

I always liked John Deacons Rondello design weight of five circles of canes surrounding a central circle and I asked John if he would create a special copy of this weight for me. John excelled himself and produced this superb piece of four and a quarter inches diameter with the circles of canes set on blue upset muslin with a superbly executed torsade.


Hi Dave,

What superb weights!!!

I really like the rondello design..

I take it you were at the PCC meeting?



Hi Dave.  Here is an image of a Callum McDougall crown.  I also have a mini flower that I will photograph.



Hi Alan and Sophie

What a lovely crown weight Alan, I really like the colours and Calum certainly makes some very nice weights.

Hi Sophie, yes I was at the PCC meeting and it was here I picked up this weight, it is much better when you actually see and handle it.

Thanks for your responses



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