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Hi ,
      Filigrana is not as I say , but used in the title of the book ,

 I think !!! filigrana is being more specific than vetro (glass), ,

Kitty is the one with all the answers and I am sure she would respond well to any enquiry you might make.

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flying free:
CMoG in the link says
'The Italian term vetro a reticello means “glass with a small network.” It refers to a type of blown glass made with canes organized in a crisscross pattern to form a fine net, which may contain tiny air traps.'

Note, it says may contain tiny air traps.  Therefore I suppose the term reticello refers to the crossed net effect filigrana canes but does not denote that the effect must have the air trap bubbles in order to be defined as reticello.


             Sounds about right to me  ;)

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m, look at Newman's brief comment of three types for "vetro reticello". Unfortunately, of course, we don't know his sources!

The bubbles only appear when a double layer of filigree, forming a crossed pattern, is thick enough to form an air pocket at the crossover points.


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