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M, do you have a copy of An Newman's Illustrated Dictionary of Glass? He gives info on "Vetro a reticello" and also "vetro di trina". (Note the slightly different spelling: "vetro" instead of "vitro" and "trina" instead of "trino".)

In the info for the latter term, he says that a Muranese gentleman, in a Corning Journal of 1975, advised that the term had only a "romantic" origin and is not used in Murano "today" and should be abandoned. Newman also says the (old) term was applied by Pellat to "vetro a reticello".

So yes, it's apparently the same thing, although in the "reticello" description Newman also says there are three types, and the one with bubbles between intersection of filigree is one of the types.

[And I have also added your extra piece of info to your initial post today and I have deleted the "duplicate".]

flying free:
ah, I do indeed have the Newman book but didn't think to check it.

Thanks for explaining this further.  I couldn't find any description of Vitro di trino  on the board but knew I'd seen a description of this technique somewhere on here, so it might be helpful now for anyone else looking for information in the future.

Very slightly disconcerting that terms change over the years.  I can understand why there is confusion regarding various techniques sometimes.


Hi ,
             I can recommend the following book which explains the current terminology for descriptions of filigrana glass,including many photos of antique items and new items that were made to get a better understanding of the production techniques ,it would seem that "vetro di trina" is in fact today described as filigrana a reticello,

the book was written by Kitty Lameris after many many years of research and study,

"A collection of filigrana glass " published by Frides Lameris Art and Antiques  Amsterdam 2012

cheers ,

flying free:
There is a beaker in the book 'GLASSES AND THEIR PORTRAITS The Kees Schoonenberg Collection' from Frides Lameris, which they gave me in September.  It is described as:
'17) Beaker made of vetro a reticello.'

No mention of filigrana in it's title description.  Just simply 'vetro a reticello'.


flying free:
and then there is a stirrup cup in another of their books described as you say
'This network decoration, filigrana a reticello, is exceptionally difficult to execute'.



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