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19 pages of Vases from China, Romania etc........


You all may know of this site already, but just in case you don't I thought I'd mention it.

19 pages of vases, mainly from China, but there are also suppliers from Romania (Galle style vases etc.,) and various other countries (including some from the USA).


our daughter is leaving for Shanghai for two or three years there - perhaps I should ask her to keep eyes wide open  :twisted:

Pamela, perhaps suggest she posts you any free literature she sees on glass there? Catalogues, brochures, etc. would be useful for reference. :)

There is also a facility on the site that allows a search by region. I was fascinated to view all the (eastern) European items too. Very revealing.


I did try contacting various sellers of paperweights in the past in my search for the makers of various Chinese weights, but all I got was pidgin-English replies (well, they were better than my non existant  :oops: Chinese!  :roll: ) to the effect that they "make many beautiful paperweight just tell what want and make me plenty",  etc.  :?  :(  

So if your daughter has any more success while she is over there Pamela, please let us know!  

Unfortunately, I think our interest in identifying glasshouses and the indivuals making glass in China is so against their culture (of everything being 'for the common good') that they just don't understand why we would want to know!   :(


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