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Fake carnival?

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Not sure what to make of these. Both have an irridised base. I can't really see the base colours as it's irridised all over. I'm not even sure what the outside colour is actually.  :?

There are a few small chips on the jug but the suger is perfect.

Any clues as to who made these two items and date, etc... please?

These are puzzlers - I've been trying hard to figure them out but I'm not a lot closer to providing you with an answer. Best if I tell you in general terms what I think.

Both items appear to be Contemporary (Modern) Carnival. At first, I though that the covered sugar (or bonbonniere) might be a Riihimaki/Kauklahti piece which has a similar pattern concept - but a close comparison showed that it is not.

You have given us the main piece of evidence however, Tigerchips - as you noted that the bases are iridised all over. I would say that does show they are Contemporary items. (Date of manufacture sometime between c. 1970s to today).

There is a huge amount of Contemporary Carnival in existence. Is there any sort of trademark anywhere on either of your pieces? And can you confirm that the base on neither piece is ground?

You noted that the base colour is very hard to detect because of the depth of iridescence. From your photos it seems (can't be sure, of course) that the creamer is purple and the covered piece is blue.

I have found a wine glass that was referred to as "Heritage" pattern, but no maker suggested. The pattern does look like that on your covered piece. It has a hint of Westmoreland in the style, but I don't have a reference that shows the newer Westmoreland items.

Hopefully someone else will have seen these items before and can give us some more information. Very interesting pieces - I wish I could give you "chapter and verse" but I can't at the moment. I'll keep looking.


Inside the jug, when I hold it up to the light, there is a sort of crackling effect to the iridescence. Inside the cracks it appears that the glass is clear, it's probably just a trick of the light. This clear glass cannot be seen where there are chips, actually the chips look irridised.  :shock:  Also, the jug has two straw marks, one on the outside and a big one in the centre.

There are no tradmarks and the lidded suger is not ground. The jug however, has what appears to be a 0.2mm thick ground ring on the base. A largish flat chip on this ring looks to be a grinding chip. Next to the centre near the star, this might also be ground as there are flat chips there two. When I get back from work, I'll post a picture of the base if you need it.

Here are some pictures that i took this morning.

Aaah! I think it could be LGW. Your extra info suggests that could well be the case. Check out what I said here, Tigerchips and see what you reckon? The fact that you can see some clear glass suggests that's what it is.


Thanks Glen, if there is no other company that does this then I think that's what it is. The lidded sugar also appears to be clear glass or very light blue with the iridescence making it look darker. The same maker perhaps?. I had to put a light bulb inside it to find out.  :D

The lidded sugar appears to have a more coppery kind of iridescence.

I think it's odd that all of the chips on the jug - including the one's on the rim at the top of the jug- are all iridised. Why would LGW decorate an already damaged piece?  :?


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