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I have just acquired a lovely piece of Vaseline Glass. It looks like a posy holder in the shape of an elephant with a basket on it's back. Inside there is a raised number Rd 64234. It is 2 3/4 tall x 4 1/2" wide Does anybody know anything about this? I would really love to know about it and it's possible value. Thank you all.

From the Great Glass website the RD no is given as this:
64234       Burtles, Tate & Co     registered 28-Dec-86


At the recent National Glass Fair in the UK, there were two of these elephants. One was opalescent with a price tag of £750 and the other I think was white glass with a price tag of around £150.

Quite a proce difference!



--- Quote from: "ChrisStewart" ---Quite a price difference!
--- End quote ---

As I understand it, the difference in price is related to the rarity of certain colours.  Apparently, there are very few pink ones, and if anyone finds one please tell me.  They're not worth much, and I'll give you a tenner for it  :wink:  8)  :twisted:

(Actually, to be honest :oops:  :roll:  the pink ones are reported go for thousands!    :shock:  )

Hi Leni,

needless to say the Opalescent one was still there at the end of the fair. I guess there were no buyers around with very deep pockets!


if an Opalescent elephant is worth £750
A pink Elephant is worth  > £1, 000
A white Elephant is worth £150
A vaseline Elephant is worth £????



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