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Mark on Crystal Glasses - ID = SCHOTT CRISTAL trademark by SCHOTT-ZWIESEL

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Hi all, I picked up a nice pair of Crystal Glasses. I know how difficult it is to find patterns and makers so I might get lucky on here you never know. (I got very lucky last time on here) These Glasses have a mark on them that I have never seen. One has 3 small wavy lines with a semi circle on top and the other only has 3 wavy lines. I did not see them until I gave them a good clean. They have 3 rows of 'Leaf' cuts with the bottom row extending onto the stem. Its a very nice look on the glass. I would say not hand cut.  I thought maybe Rogaska but not with these marks on??

After closer inspection they do seem hand cut. Very very small differences in the spaces between the cuts.

Theres a Chance they could be Royal Copenhagen,
they do Pottery & Porcelain mostly and there mark is three waves.

and i know they do crystal.

its worth looking into at least

I will look into that. Thanks stubbsywubsy

There are some Rpyal Copenhagen patterns on replacements, I am sorry, but I am in a rush, otherwise I would look through them to see if there is a match to your glasses, but here is the link anyway.

Thanks user9318. i will try to get time and take a look. Nice Glasses, Nicely Cut, why arent companies proud enough to mark their work any more !! Damn sure I would if I had the skills.


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