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Any Veiws on this Victorian Tumbler

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Any views on this Tumbler please my own opinion is that is may be a hand blown tumbler made by Sowerby maybe from there Venetian series, its in a sowerby sea green colour and is not vaseline , does not glow at all, it stands 3.5 inches tall

roy mhgcgolfclub

Firstly, let me say that I do not know!  But.  There's something vaguely Whitefriars 1800+ about this tumbler.  

It's a lovely piece IMHO and might be worth running by   I'm 99.9% sure it isn't WF, and probably it's just the age that makes me wonder.

Oh a shot in the dark better than nothing? lol  :roll:

Cathy B:
No idea on who made it, but I have a technical question - how was it made? Blown with mould assistance?  Interesting how the spiral pattern on the base continues into the pontil scar.  My first guess was that  it was blown into the mould with a cup shaped punty, spun to smooth the seam scar, then transferred onto a rod at the base, top finished perhaps in the glory hole. But that doesn't work because it's a spiral and not circle grooves and therefore it couldn't be spun.

So, how'd they do it?


Cathy B:
Hang on, was the pattern put on using some sort of lathe, and then removed using a rod attached at the base? - but wouldn't that mean glass everywhere? I'm stumped. Someone put me out of my misery, please :)

looks like they used a threading machine which puts it after the 1876 patent date.


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