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Another bubble bud vase identified, or is it?


I would really appreciate your views and comments on these please.

I was excited to find the small green vases (found in the USA) complete with labels which state "Sonsco Japan".  I already had the small red one (found in the UK) with the label which states "Best Art Glass Foreign" and was aware that in the sensitive time after the war items were often labelled foreign rather than their true country of origin so as not to offend anyone.  So I thought I had positively identified their source.

All the vases shown have ground and polished bases and small bubbles arranged horizontally around the ball.  The rims are also finished the same and my gut feeling is that they were probably all made in Japan, BUT the small green ones are slightly shorter than the others which is making me hesitate... :?  There are slight variations in the thickness of the stems and the shape of the ball base but otherwise the colours are very similar and all have the same feel.
What do you all think?

PS You may remember me mentioning the purpling of the the small turquoise one in another thread.

To my eye, they all look well within the variations you would expect for handmade items in three basic sizes. Some of the colour range also compares with a Japanese glass set I have

for the sake of comparison, here is a Japanese nail mould vase

Thank you Christine and Ivo for your input, it is very much appreciated.   :D  :D

It was very reassuring see the bubbles in your vase Ivo, they are arranged horizontally and look similar in shape and size, I feel much more confident now.

I also have a bright yellow one which I forgot to put in the photograph. I would be interested to know which colours were like your glass Christine.

Does anyone else have the same in type in a different colour?


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