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Author Topic: WARNING P Ysart signature fake  (Read 2623 times)

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WARNING P Ysart signature fake
« on: May 13, 2004, 05:57:55 PM »
A piece of glass has turned up in a Charity shop in the UK with a forged P. Ysart signature. The glass is obviously unrelated to the Ysart's glassware but it could well have been a practice piece.

The signature in this case is a copy of those shown on the site at except that it looks like it was done with an electric engraver.

PLEAE NOTE: Any signed Paul Ysart weight WILL come from a collector who was keen enough to travel to Wick and have the weight signed by him. No weights were signed for any other reason.

So - if you are offered a Paperweight with such a signature and no verifiable provenance treat it with extreme caution.

I am willing to consider putting on site details and image of all weights that were signed by Paul Ysart. However, before adding them I will need to check that the weights are genuine and that the provider is genuine. If making such a submission please give a full a history as possible - no personal details of the owner will be retained once a weight has been verified and added to the page. Optionally the weights provenance will be shown. e.g Holt collection, signed by P Ysart on visit to Wick June 1987. (Fictitious example Kevin)

Please give feedback in this forum if you think this would be useful or not. Also, do you think I should show the signatures with the weight?
Frank A.
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