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Largest glass sculpture in the world

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Bill G:
I would like to propose the following glass sculpture as the largest in the

It is located in Sergels Torg in Stockholm.

The sculpture is called "Crystal Vertical accenture", designed by Edvin
Öhrström and constructed at the Lindshammer Glass Works.

The sculpture is 37 meters tall. The original plan was to have four different
lighting systems one for each season of the year: Summer, Fall, Winter
and Spring but the city ran out of money.

The sculpture is now grey from pollution. The city managment planned to
clean it but this never happened.

See the sculpture at

Does anyone have a sculpture larger than this work of art?

No impressive height.
Could not find it in your link, post another:

Bill G:
Sorry it did not work

Please do a search for Sergels Torg Stockholm
and various sites will come up.

try this one

seriously impressive

The Wikipedia one on the English site gives this page about it:

Seriously impressive piece of glass that Bill!


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