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Largest glass sculpture in the world

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Does the proposed shard of glass count ?

look, they're even going to use the inside as an office building and hotel  :lol:


Gosh Taylog - that's amazing - like it! I still prefer the sculpture that Bill put up originally though - that's awesome.

Pip wrote:

--- Quote ---The Diana Fountain is in Central London and you don't have to pay to visit it - what a wasted opportunity, it's rubbish.
--- End quote ---

Yes, Pip, but that is another image versus reality issue. Named designer (expensive) creates desired project, with little idea of how people might wish to enjoy the space. Bathing in the glory/memory, or merely enjoying the opportunity to cool off, children were ignored in the design considerations.

"Suffer the children to come unto me", has been forgotten, and many landscape architects, my own included, (La Casson) thought this was a triumph of reputation over opportunity.

ho hum, familiar story.....



I found reference to the Osler Fountain in the Crystal Palace in my light reading bedtime book. Here it is It was constructed from "four tons of pure crystal glass" and was 27 ft [8.2 m] high. It apparently survived the fire of 1936 almost intact, but now only fragments can be seen in the Crystal Palace Museum

flying free:
In 1870 Osler also made two 40 feet high chandeliers for a palace south of  Agra

Source: NY Times
'In the early 1870's, for example, the Maharajah of Gwalior built a new palace south of Agra in anticipation of a visit by the Prince of Wales. It has two of the largest chandeliers Osler ever made (each 40 feet tall).

"According to palace records, elephants were hoisted onto the roof to make sure it could support the weight of those colossal chandeliers," Ms. Spillman writes.

To this day, the Gwalior Palace, still privately owned, boasts a durbar hall with Osler chandeliers, glass torchères, numerous tables and a magnificent staircase with glass banisters. An adjoining room retains its glass armchairs and footstools, a chaise longue, two étagères, a circular sofa and a mirror.'


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