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Glass Whale Marked ACC

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I saw a glass whale in an antique store today that I contemplated buying. Glad I didn't  8)

It is similar to this

eBay Whale

Does anyone know the maker?  What does ACC represent?

An eBay title search for "acc crystal"brought up a decanter from Poland and a pen holder from Korea, both with the same logo.

Probably an importer?

I agree.  Most likely an importer or distributor.

I have a bubble bud vase with an ACC label, states "hand made crystal Turkey"

I should have been more specific.  It is not a label but a engraved mark on the base.

I am not saying it is not an importer's mark but it seems a strange way to mark it.  It is more in keeping with an artist signature or a product code.

ACC Trading


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