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Unidentified piece, Lalique?

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Hi, I'm new here and looking forward to meeting some new friends. This little vase looks like it might be Lalique but it's not signed and I'm not sure. I don't do much newer glass as my area is pre 1850 stuff. Any suggestion is appreciated.
Thanks Di

Does it have a gold/blue irrisdescence whe against the light?

David Hier:
I don't think this is Lalique. It doesn't have the quality or the design of any Lalique I have ever see,

The fact that it isn't signed pretty much backs up my feeling.

If anything, this piece looks 'hot', i.e. practically brand new. That would mean that it was made in Czechoslovakia, China, India, or somewhere similar.

Does the piece have any ware to the base?

No it doesn't have any irridescence or any base wear.

This is unlikely to be Lalique, the quality is simply not there. As to David's suggestions for place of manufacture, this is increasingly less likely to be Central European, and as he suggests Indian sub-continent or China, I'd go for the latter.
Le Casson


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