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Malta Decorative Glass Ltd opening and closing dates !

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Pleased to say I have found out the opening and closing dates for Malta Decorative Glass ltd, please see this link......

You can search their archives here.

On page 13 of the Sunday Times of Malta dated December 6, 1981 there is a list of government factories and it states that Malta Decorative Glass opened in 1974 and closed in 1978 . In the Times of Malta you can see various adverts for trainees and a production manager is advertised on 18/12/1975. I think Boffo must have left Mdina prior to 1977 (perhaps 1974/5) .

On Tuesday May 12 1970 page 5 of the Malta Times there is a piece on Mdina  with photo as in Mark Hill's book (page 23). You might have to subscribe to read it though.

I think I did find that article several years ago. I remember trawling through about 300 pages of archives, but latterly, I was unable to track it down - well done, Mike, that must have been some seriously tenatious searching.
But where does that leave us? Doubting Said's memory from the time he spoke to Wolfie?

Cheers Sue, I might have to subscribe to this newspaper as there is even an advert for a Malta Decorative Glass 'Grand Sale' in 1975 !

I wonder if there are any personnel records at Mdina to back up what Said said ?

I would doubt it. Said appears to prefer to make out that Mdina is entirely his and his family's doing, only.


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