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Interesting Pinched Vase


I'm hoping someone can help me to identify this piece.  The glass is thin, seems to be well made but doesn't have the wear that I'd associate with glass from the 1930s or 1940s.  Maybe it's much newer.  Whatever it is, any help would be appreciated as to maker and approximate age.

It is older than that.  Dugan Glass from their Japanese line and pictured in a 1906 Butler Bros. catalog.

Will wonders ever cease?  It looks like new, but Internet research seems to bear out the attribution.  And I was SO sure it was a Murano piece.


You are welcome, Charles.

If you can find the book Dugan/Diamond The Story if Indiana, Pennsylvania Glass by Heacock, Measell, and Wiggins there is much more about this line in it that I can post here.

I have had 2 related pieces from the Venetian line so I immediately recoignized it.

As Peter said, a very nice find.  I really regret selling the 2 pieces I had  :cry:


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