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Frosted design glass plates. Having trouble finding maker.


Hello all. I've been researching this set of plates without any luck. I found a total of four small plates and two divided serving plates. They all measure the same at 6.75" across. The serving pieces have ground and polished bases while the regular plates do not. They show signs of wear so I don't think they are of recent make. Of course, there are no marks. :? Also, would these be considered Art Deco? Thanks for looking and have a safe and fun weekend. Tim

Divided plate:
Regular plate:

Hi Tim
Long time no see - welcome back.

Whenever I see part frosted wares in a romantic floral I think Mikasa.
This does looks art deco in style but some deco styles were still being produced in the 1950's and even later. I don't know if Mikasa were dealing in glass at this time.

--- Quote ---In the 1930's, Mikasa was established as an international trading company based in Secaucus, New Jersey.
Named in honor of Prince Mikasa, the youngest brother of Emperor Hirohito, Mikasa soon became one of the most recognized Japanese brand names in the West.
The company itself never attempted to "manufacture" any of its dinnerware. Rather, the Mikasa branded items were imported from Japan, Ireland, England, France, and Germany.
By the 1950's customer requests were pouring in from all parts of the country, and department stores could not shelve enough stock to meet demand. By the early 1960's, Mikasa had established a reputation as "the pioneer of American casual."
The 1970's brought new retail store locations. Showrooms and warehouses appeared in Canada, Europe, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. In an effort to stay as competitive as possible during the 1980's, Mikasa added crystal stemware, stainless steel flatware and other household accessories to its product offerings.
--- End quote ---

We do know that at least some of Mikasa's frosted glassware items were made by Walther of Germany.

I had thought maybe it was an Ice Cream set but not if

--- Quote ---"They all measure the same at 6.75" across"
--- End quote ---
The Serving plates should be larger

Hi Pete! Thanks for remembering me. It's funny you should mention Mikasa as my first hunch on this set was Japanese. (The diminutive size, the divided serving pieces, etc...) Thanks for posting the info about company. I didn't know that Mikasa had been around that long. As for being an ice cream set, they wouldn't be too efficent. The divided dish is only an inch deep and the plates  1/2 inch. You'd have to eat pretty quick and definitely no chocolate syrup! :)

Thanks again for the kind words and your knowledgeable input. Tim


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