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Possibly Czech any ideas on maker


I bought this pair of little vases today and they are rather unusual with a stippled outer surface with some very fine gilt and enamel decoration. They stand 11.5cm high and have good age wear to both the top gilt rims and also the the base, so definitely not modern. I am guessing at Czech but am far from certain so all suggestions appreciated.


Just had a visitor who thought they might be Moser, I'm still clueless!

Hi Paul,
Moser? Not a chance, this is not in that league of quality. Czech, possibly, Novy Bor, very likely, but an awful lot of this type of stuff was made. Egermann in the fifties, or Uzitkove sklo, late sixties, are good candidates.

Thanks Marcus have spent ages googling the factories mentioned above and found lots that have similar decoration and even similar shape, but nothing so far with the stippled surface that these have. Feel I'm close to an ID but not quite there yet. Any other suggestions anyone, or any examples of this stippled effect from any of the above factories.


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