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Vase signed Kudrová


I bought a vase today, on the basis that it was a nice piece and was marked with the word Česká on the base (I think either etched or sandblasted through a stencil). When I got home and inspected it more closely, there is also a signature on the base Kudrová :lol:  :lol:


Am I correct in thinking this may be Dagmar Kudrová, who seems to specialise in cut designs? Also would the Česká indicate a production date post the Czech / Slovak split (1993) and if so, who would be the likely producer?

It's quite a substantial thing, c.30cm high, weighing in at a hefty 2.6kg.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Robbo,

Nice signed piece of lead crystal, by Dagmar Kudrova. Mainly employed at the Bohemia Podebrady glass-works. Unusual to find a signed piece, as much was produced by glass-cutters to her designs. This may indicate she cut this herself.

This is probably from the 1970's but could be later, as she celebrated 50 years as a glass designer, last year. Very little recorded information about her, other than she worked at Lednicke Rovne 1955-61, and after that, the Household Glass Research Institute, then moved to Podebrady in 1974. Ceska may indicate post 1992 production, though this appears similar to a drinks service designed in 1977, (not Galaxy) and I have nothing here that indicates that she designed at Cesky Kristal.

I will contact someone in CZ, and see what further information they are able to add.



Hi Marcus,

Thank you so much for the information. Googling brought up a few references to her name, but all in Czech. I'll try and get a photograph of the etched mark today. My other reason for initially suspecting it may be later, was, for a heavy item, it has little wear on the base (obviously that could be a red herring and just indicate a careful owner!)

Many thanks for your time :lol:  :lol:


Here's a scan of the base. It also shows the signature more clearly  :D  :D



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