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ID Needed - Amber Glass, Scratches in Indent

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I picked these up at a garage sale (where else?)  Are they worth anything? What period, name, would you give them?

Also, the indented bubble I've id's that has comb like scratches through it, there are two of these indents that have this, the rest are clean


Jami in OREGON

US Glass/Tiffin Bullseye, #15078 line aka Manhattan.  First made by US Glass in 1902 in the Glassport factory and known to collectors as Manhattan.

Then US Glass Factory R aka Tiffin remade the line and it was renamed Bullseye around the 1940s. * This is when the punch set, nappy, straw jar and cracker jar were offered. The punch set was available in Crystal and Crystal with Ruby Stain.  In the early 1950s, cake salver was made in crystal with ruby stain.  By the late 1950s the cake salver was available in 3 sizes - 8 in, 9 ¼ in., and 10 ¼ and was made in crystal and crystal with ruby stain.  

In 1961, the 10 ¼ in cake salver was available in Plum and Golden Banana.*

Your glass is made in Golden Banana and that color was introduced in 1961 as a cake salver.  So your glasses were made sometime after 1961.

Message edited to add more detail.  Edited material marked by *.  The information is from Tiffin Glass 1940-1980: Figurals, Paperweights, Pressed Ware by Ruth Hemminger, Ed Goshe, and Leslie Pina.

wow!  Thanks Connie for the quick reply.

Any idea what they are worth?

What would these be called? Vintage Yellow Tiffin Goblets?  I can't find anything about Goden Banana.....again, a price would be appreciated.

Grayhorse, LOVE your website!
Jami in OREGON

Thank you, Jami.

In an internet search, I found that Replacements Ltd has glasses similar to yours listed as having been made by Bartlett-Collins  :?

All the books I have indicate it is a US Glass pattern so I don't know where they got their attribution.

I haven't been able to find any for sale so I have no clue on the price.


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