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A vase, Czech(?) and ashtray.

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Hi All,
Today we decided to venture into Belgium. I found a few nice pieces of which I knew the makers of:
Carnival glass double candlestick - Jeannette Glass - Iris & Herringbone.
A Riihimaen Lasi vase.
A VSL ashtray.

I also bought a very heavy vase, which I think could be Czech.

 :shock: Click to enlarge :shock:

I also found this very heavy ashtray. I am sure I have seen the pattern somewhere.

 :shock: Click to enlarge :shock:

I would really appreciate any help, as always.  :D

Has the first one got a polished base, if not, it might be Italian. No marks is there?

I have a similar one (different pattern) with that style of base and it has Italy and a star on the inside base. My vase is made by Fidenza.

Hi Tiger,

Sorry, the photo of the base isn't very good is it?  :oops:
Here is another one.

As you can see, it isn't polished, or marked.

The photo's are fine it's just that clear glass is difficult to photograph.

That base rim looks polished to me.  :?

Here's a picture of the Italian vase, there are differences with the base though.

Oh okay, forgive me Tiger, I have had a long day. I thought that you meant the whole base, polished flat. :oops:

I love your vase, btw.


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