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Large Green twisted stem compote Depression? Need ID, Circa


Emerald Green Twisted Stem Compote Large
Measures: 10.5" Tall x 8.5" Wide (Bowl) Has little pieces in the glass that got in there during manufacturing. Bowl is scalloped. There is no seam. Mint Condition

by the look of the stem I'd say Italian (Empoli, not Murano) from the sixties. May have had a lid at one time.

Hi, thanks for your reply.  However I am still looking.  I looked up your suggestion, and cannot find a maker or pattern, I just don't have the right resources.
I have some more info to add.
The glass has a churchbell ring to it. When clicked the ring lasts for an entire two seconds.  Also I see that the stem was attached to the scalloped bowl. The stem and base are very thick, while the bowl is very thin.  I am thinking more depression glass, because there is a lot of things in the glass.  Pieces of stuff that got in there during manufacturing.
Just a reminder the Bowl Itself is 8.5" across and 4" deep, overall height is 11".  This is very large for a compote, candy dish.....


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