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Mdina and the Boffos

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It has always been said Vicente Boffo and Ettore Boffo left Whitefriars and went to Mdina together in 1970.
With my on-going research I can say for certain this is not correct and in fact Ettore went before Vicente. I’m not sure how long before but quite possibly in 1969.

Here are the details.

27/9/69 - At Whitefriars Ettore stops being Vicente servitor and was replaced by Jim Munnelly. After this there is no sign of Ettore in any of the WF workbooks.

12/5/70 - Malta Times Mdina article, Ettore is mentioned a lot with a pic of Ettore working in a chair. No mention of Vicente.

20/6/70 - Vicente leaves Whitefriars.

14/8/71 - Munnelly stops being servitor to Ray Annenberg. (Joins Mdina to fill the gap after the early death of Ettore)

The Malta Times article which I quote; “Mr Dobson hoped they will be allowed to employ another ex-patriot craftsmen in the near future” has to be referring to the arrival of Vicente.

There are also some other interesting facts in this article that state Ettore was a partner with Eric Dobson and Michael Harris and also that his title was Production Manager.

I hope this helps with timings at Mdina, Wolfie

What a great piece of research Wolfie !

Perhaps they weren't 'allowed' to employ both father and son at the start (some sort of limit on workers from abroad perhaps)  , that's why one went out before the other .

The article in the 'Times of Malta' does state ...." The concept is the brainchild of Michael Harris, 36, who launched the glass together with his partners Eric Dobson ,37 and Ettore Boffo, 28 ."

Newspaper evidence may be subject to journalistic licence, so should be taken with a pinch of salt; partner may or may not be true along with whether or not Ettore was production manager. You have to big up a three man band...

 Perhaps Ettore was headhunted from Whitefriars with the promised title of 'Production Manager'...... to get his father Vicente the offer might have been 'God'.... :)

The Whitefriars dates found by Wolfie Rayner have given a great insight into start up of Mdina along with Baked Beans 'Malta Times' article.


I'm not disputing the value of the information just advising caution. I've spent far too many years in publishing and looking at press releases where the facts never get in the way of a good story


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