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Mdina and the Boffos

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I agree Christine but its good to have facts concerning the dates. It has long been said that the Boffo's went out together and this has now been proved wrong. Who knows what position was offered to Ettore, Production Manager over the trainees maybe?
The only person that might know some details is Jim Munnelly and I have a friend that knows him and 'yes' Im already asking!!!

flying free:
Thank you Wolfie, very much appreciated :)
I shall print this off and stick it in my book  - these were my previous questions on this information,45680.msg256023.html#msg256023,41620.msg256071.html#msg256071



--- Quote from: Lustrousstone on October 21, 2014, 09:53:29 AM ---where the facts never get in the way of a good story

--- End quote ---

Or for that matter a deadline...

Having been peripherally involved in several incidents that made the press (mostly cave rescues) I know that what was printed was at best gibberish. Sometimes as a result of laziness but generally it seemed that objective truth was irrelevant and just got in the way of the story and the agenda of the reporter or editor.


flying free:
With reference Christine's comment on journalistic licence, indeed clearly this sentence, from earlier in the thread, is not correct (see the underlined bit) according to Mark Hill's book ...

'The article in the 'Times of Malta' does state ...." The concept is the brainchild of Michael Harris, 36, who launched the glass together with his partners Eric Dobson ,37 and Ettore Boffo, 28 ."'

... as the 'glass was launched' in 1968 by Michael Hill and Eric Dobson before Ettore Boffo arrived.
page 19 of Mark Hill's book says
'Even though production had not begun, the business had been officially announced to the trade in England and Europe, and the company had to be promoted.  To this end, both Dobson and Michael had attended the annual International Gifts Fair held in Blackpool in February 1968.'
And on page 20
'... In late summer 1968, the furnaces were lit and word went around that the new glass company was about to begin work,...'

Thanks Flying Free, I hadn't seen that previous thread. There is obviously a mistake in Mark Hills book concerning the arrival of Vicente, the workbooks are not wrong :) Im also friends with Mick Payne who was a 'boy' on V Boffos chair at WF and he arrived 11/4/70 and became good friends with Vicente.
Also Mark Hill talks about repetitive tedious work Vicente was doing at WF, implying that's why he left etc, I think this statement is not exactly correct either. He did make Thorn light shades but Vicente was making (and doubtless helping with the design of) the very exciting 'Peter Wheeler' Studio Range in 1969-70. And these designs of course had influences over several Mdina pieces he made.


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