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Ok, so, this is a vase marked with an acid-etched label as Czechoslovakian.
It has been seen, with Weil labels indicating that it is a Barolac pattern.
Me, i have a fair idea of initial production date, in both frosted and polished finishes.
Yet for me, design is post-war, and I have a feeling this is a Ludvika Smrckova design. Not necesarily a design for the Barolac range..... ideas?

I'm sending you an email Marcus.   :)

Hi Max, and thank you.

If I read that pattern number correctly (853) then it would appear to be significantly later than the two well-known Barolac items on the right of the page. Cannot really assume too much as I notice that the numbers cited for the "Trees" vase is very different to its production number.

This item is 200mm high, and 160mm at its widest point. It does have the classic Inwald mirror-polished base, but no relief or impressed Barolac mark.

Stylistically, this pattern is very different, abstract as opposed to naturalistic. and a major departure from pre-war Barolac patterns. I am suggesting Smrckova, as she arrived as chief designer at Sklarny Inwald n.p. in 1948. This vase has a close affinity with a bowl dating to 1948, from Mstisov glass works, at that time part of Inwald, and also a heavy engraved zodiac bowl from Exbor, both designed by her.

There is a great deal of new information emerging on Barolac, and any interested glassie should have a look at recent editions of PK, at

I should also say, that over-heavy reliance on importer's labels, may be causing confusion. If Weil and other importers labelling, mentioning Barolac was put on all imported items, then it is easy to see why some pieces appear now, attributed as belonging to the Barolac range.

Thanks again and regards,


I had seen this vase on eBay recently and had exactly the same thought process that you had, Marcus. Stylistically, it is nothing like the early Barolac (Jenkins & Inwald) designs at all. Nor was it amongst all the Jenkins blueprints that I studied.

It is, however, on a Weil catalogue page that Jo in Australia showed us here on the GMB last year. It’s a tiny pic, but amazingly it is still viewable. I believe that catalogue is called the Weil New York 'Barolac Sculpture Glass' (Bohemia Glass) catalogue. What I don’t know, is the date of the Weil catalogue. Do you? Does anyone else? Can anyone throw any light on the relationship that Inwald had with Weil? And when?,2674.0.html


:D Glen, I had that page saved to my computer, I couldn't remember for the life of me where it came from!

It's what I sent Marcus via email.  :D Thanks again to Jo in Australia, that page has been very useful to me too.


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