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Hi Steven and Glen,
The vase in question has a mirror-polished base which is very different to most, if not all the VHJ, Sklo Union items I have here.
This vase has some serious wear, yet still retains the polished base.
I know this item has been less well cared for, yet do not believe this is anything but post-war production.
As noted earlier, I have some worries that some of these items may not be Rudolfova Hut' production, but the item in question suggests an extremely pure sodium-potash glass associated with Rudolfova.
Barolac as a marque is normally only associated with Inwald. This item in both design and production quality terms, to me, is Inwald, though not necessarily Barolac per se.
Will post an image of the base in the morning.

Jo in Australia:
I have a satin version of the vase in question. I've just checked and it's finished with the same smooth ground/polished finish on the base as my other 'Barolac'  (marked and unmarked) pieces, definitely not high gloss.
Let me know if anyone wants a photo and I'll try and take one.

As promised an image of the base of this vase.
Note the heavy wear to the centre of the foot, but clearly still showing what I would define as mirror polishing, acid-etched Tchechoslovaquie to the bottom if the image.
And a slightly better image of the vase.




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