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Jo in Australia:
Hello All
For some reason I thought the catalogue was from the 1970s - but there's no date on the part I have.

Jo - thanks so much for that. Your "feeling" could well be right.

Max - yes, me too  :lol:

Marcus - what do you reckon to the time line?


Hi everyone, and thanks for the input.
The catalogue page is undated, so difficult to pin a date on Weil's importation. Clearly these pages are after 1948, and with the use of the Bohemia Glass motif, places this catalogue after the mid 1950's. Beyond that, we will need to know rather more about Weil's activities, or other Weil advertisments etc.
I personally would hesitate to classify this as Barolac, without some input from Petr Novy, so I'll be contacting him tomorrow, to see what information he has in Jablonec.


Marcus, although you rightly hesitate to classify the Weil items as Barolac, the tricky thing is.......Weil themselves certainly did.

I have seen a piece (from the USA) that was marked with two labels - one that reads Bohemia Crystal Made in Czechoslovakia - and one that reads Barolac Made in Czechoslovakia WEIL Exclusive Importation. (I think the item they were on was a frosted Pansies vase)

Does this help you to pinpoint the timeline any more beyond after the mid 1950s? I can confirm that John Jenkins were still using the Barolac name in 1951 (and possibly beyond).

I have tried to search for info on Weil but can find precious little. Can anyone else help?


I have some Weil catalogues, they imported from many countries and also commissioned exclusive designs from many countries. Will have a look through when I can find them.


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