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Kjell Engman for Kosta

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Anne E.B.:
I've just bought a pair of these this morning. and have a couple of questions to ask.  They are both marked "Kosta 98225 Engman."

I know from Ivo's A-Z that these were designed by Kjell Engman for Kosta and that he joined Kosta in 1978.  Googling designs by Engman haven't brought up similar looking pieces.

Firstly, what are they?  I assumed that because they were bought as a pair, then they might be bookends.  They are certainly heavy enough, each weighing 1¾kg.

Secondly, according to the information given, if I've understood it correctly, five digit codes have been used since the 1970s and that the last two digits indicate the year of design.  So, what year could that be given that the code is 98225 and Engman joined Kosta in '78?

Last of all, why on earth did I buy them? :roll:

Many thanks :P

I rather like them. You could use them for supporting your glass (info) books

Bill G:
Very interesting as this is the first time I have seen this work by Kjell.

The image in the glass is of an Orre bird which is native to Smaland in Southern Sweden.

Guess where the town name of Orrefors came from?

Kjell Engman is a noted designer with Kosta Boda. He now works almost exclusively at Boda Glass Works creating unique and unusual sculptures of cowboys, birds, fat ladies, etc.. His work is very unique and features the
use of colored powders in bright colors.

In my opinion, he and Bertil Vallien are the two most important glass artists living in Sweden .

Anne E.B.:
Many thanks Bill for the information :P  I must say the bird had me rather perplexed, so its great to know what it actually is, and its significance.  Also good to know that I have a piece (well two :P ) designed by a much respected glass artist.

I guess you no longer need an answer to your final question. :)


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