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Bill G:
Ops Frank, I will give my opinion about the second question.

I went to Kosta Boda catalog for 2000.

There is a series designed by Ulrica Hydman Vallien called "Tulipa"

A bowl comes in three sizes with the numbers: 59755,59756,59825

A vase is numbered 49714, etc. etc. etc.

The same appears for others designs in the catalog and other historic

Therefore, it is my opinion the last two numbers do not reflect the year of design or the year of production.

Numbering systems can change for all sorts of reasons. Caithness had to change theirs to suit a new computer system that could not cope with letters.

Bill G:
I cannot agree more with Frank about companies changing their number

In looking at Kosta, it appears the numbering system has been consistant from June 1983.

As an example, Rolf Sinnemark did a series called "Boda Frost"
with the following number system:

Ash tray #1 78320
Ash Tray #2 78321
Ash Tray #3 78322
Karaff 88320
Ice Bowl #98320
Ice Bowl #98321
Snaps #98322

I therefore assume the last two numbers do not reflect the year the
pieces were designed or produced.


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