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Stathern Wine Goblet?? Help

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Hopefully someone can help me! - I was given a Strathern Wine Goblet as a christening present in 1979 (i know its strathern because it still had the little gold label on it) but my mum smashed it accidentally causing this normally mild mannered woman to burst into floods of tears.  I'm desperate to get another one but cannot find any strathern tableware anywhere.  Mine had a hobby horse engraved on it which may or may not have been done by Strathern. I would be so grateful for any help - i have piccies if anyone needs to see it!
Thanks :cry:

Probably just a case of waiting for one to show up on eBay. I have not seen such a design but then I have not been gathering data on their engravings for very long. They were not mass produced and possibly only a handful of some particular designs were made.

Pictures would be good, you can post them on and then copy and paste the link from the section of file imformation into your reply here. If you have difficulties, email to me and I will do it for you. Email button at bottom of message.

Lesley Pyke is a brilliant glass engraver, who might be happy to copy the design for you.  Her website is

Thanks for those replies so far - will keep checking ebay - any idea what searches i could do - obviously i will try strathern but do you think it could be posted as anything else by the more or less initiated! :cry:

Was the item signed?


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