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Splendid striped decanter and glasses

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Okay, I really like this, not just because it's got stripes, I just think it's absolutely stunning. So probably not everyone's taste. My parents don't look at it in the same way I do.  :lol:

Anyway, the decanter is 7.50 inches high. It is nicely cut and polished on the rim. The glasses have also been polished on the rim.

You stunna!

Perhaps it could be Belgium? Any comments welcome.  :)

Nice one, Tiga. Belgium is a very good guess, Laeken crystal is the one you'd be looking for.  The however is that similar decoration was used by a decorator firm called the Podbira brothers in Novy Bor. Both firms decorated outside blanks and have so far stayed out of the limelight: very little is known about them.

Lipper & Mann creations, Bohemia glass?

After googling I found that Lipper & Mann are Japanese. The sticker is found on pottery as well as glass.

So Bohemia glass is an importer/exporter label and Lipper & Mann is the name of the importer/exporter?

"Creations" = marketing speak
Yes importers but not Japanese, American

Lipper & Mann
Lipper International

Just thought I'd show this little stripey beauty. It's in the palest amber uranium glass. The dinky little glasses are just 4 cm tall by 4.5 cm wide. For schnapps or something similar I presume. Click to enlarge, please excuse camera shake!


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