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Votive or toothpick holder maker pattern circa


Ruby red with amber under neath in corners. Color is solid through.
Diamond and Dots decorate outside. Small 1.75" Tall x 2.25" wide
Glass is thick.

Snap !
Mine is exactly the same only it came with a lighter in it.
I have no idea who made it but my thought even before seeing yours was American. We don't see a lot of American glass here.
I notice that when held up to strong  light the edges are partly amber. Is yours the same in this respect ?

Yes mine shows Amber when held up to the light.  If yours came with a lighter I doubt it is a toothpick holder.  Now I am thinking a Matchstick holder.  
By the way I love Snap moments  :D
Thanks so much for your help!

I think this patten is in Colored Glassware of the Depression Era 2 by HM Weatherman.

I am out of town so can't look it up.


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