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Hello everyone.  Got a couple of items that I need some help on.  One is a liquor glass with a vasaline base and the other is a great big blob of glass that floresces bright green under a black light.  The base of the blob/vase has a round indented bottom, very smooth, no pontil marks.   (Liquor glass)  (art glass vase)


I wonder if that glass might be a genuine old, um, glass thing. My memory has failed me again.

No 6191

Hock glass.

Has it got a pontil?

Hock?  These are Roemers, or Rummers, standard German white wine glasses.  Twenties or thirties, I'd guess, and quite useful if you have a set of 4 or 6.

No the hock glass does not have a pontil, its hollow up to the top.  The Heckert piece does look like cousins, but not an exact match.  I was thinking it was probably American.  But stranger things have happened that I would keep an open mind to just about anything.

Wine glasses???  Holy Mosses, they sure didn't drink much wine back then, did they.  My wine glass today holds thrice that of the rummer.  I only have one, too bad.


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