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Carnival bowl. I can't find the pattern, Glen.

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Hi all,

My latest Carnival addition: A three footed bowl.  :D

I have looked through my book and on the internet, but I cannot find this pattern.  :cry:

 :shock: Click to enlarge :shock:

All help appreciated, as always.  :D

You've found me a puzzle, Della  :lol:  

I don't think I have seen this piece before. Forgive me - I can't even start looking through catalogues and archive right now as I have to go to the dentist.......  :roll: yuck


No problem, Glen and no rush. :)

Good luck at the dentist.  :wink:

Hi Della - I'm still mystified by your pretty bowl. Can I ask if the bottom of the feet are ground flat? They remind me of my Walther "Waltraut" bowl.

Still looking........

p.s. dentist was horrid :roll:  yuck yuck

Hi, would I be wrong in saying that the feet are typical of german glass?

It does look a bit similar in some ways to the Chevron pattern by Walther

I have just found this "Bruno"

What do you think?


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