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French Davidson No. 3 Domes


Bernard C:
Chris et al — Holiday Monday, 5 June.   Fleamarket at Hennebont, near Lorient, Brittany.

We saw four French Davidson No. 3 domes, one 3", two 4", and one 6½", all uncoloured, all unpierced, and all relief marked "MADE IN FRANCE".   All were being sold on their own, not as part of any flower set, and all were on different stalls.   The first three had no other inscription.   However, the 6½" still carried its Davidson patent number, and three "6½"s, in the position you would find them on the first series Davidson originals.

I was surprised to find any of these domes, having previously assumed that the inscription indicated them to be made just for export.   For the home market they would surely have been marked "FABRIQUE EN FRANCE", or just "FRANCE".

You will recall, Chris, that I saw one of these French versions, possibly a 4½" or 5", being sold new in John Lewis, CMK, some ten or more years ago.

So, I think this is reasonably good evidence that most or all of Davidson's No. 3 dome moulds ended up with a French glassworks.   These domes may still be being made.

I hope this is useful.

Bernard C.  8)

Hi Bernard,

That is a very interesting find. The two examples of these domes I have seen with 'Made in France' were very slightly different from Davidson No 3 flower domes and so I concluded that the were a 'Look-a-like'.  In particular the base did not look like it was designed to have pierced holes.

I agree that finding one with the Davidson patents shows that the moulds must have ended up in France. I wonder who bought them and when ? If John Lewis were selling them some 10 years ago, I guess they must have been bought when Davidson closed down in 1987.

Incidently which patent numbers did it have, the 1910 or the 1931 numbers?



Bernard C:
Chris, as I said, first series (1910).

Did Davidson ever make a second series 6½"?

You may wonder why I didn't buy it.    At an asking price of €50 it was rather expensive for a curiosity, of interest possibly only to you and me.

Bernard C.  8)


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