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Is it Carnival?

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Hi everyone! as I'm recovering from a major op I thought I'd use my time to go through my glass and 'thin' some out and also get some i.d's on unknowns!! I've had this decanter sitting in the cabinet for about 12 years now its a light Marigold colour, slightly short of 8 1/2 inches (21cm) without stopper and 10 1/2 (26cm) with, stopper is glass with a cork collar. the iridescence does not go all the way to the bottom it stops just where the pattern starts, I've tried to see if its 'sprayed' on by the fingernail test but it doesn't come off or peel away!!! so, is it or isn't it!!! :lol:

 TIA John


Your link doesn't work, is this your item?

There are other pics of it in the Gallery too.

Hi Max, yes thanks!! I'd just spotted my error and was correcting it when you posted!!! I'll blame it on the medication! (well thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it  :lol: )


Get well soon, John :!:

Well first, as Della says, "get well soon". The after effects of general anaesthesia are long-lasting, aren't they (she says, remembering back  :cry: )

So, is it Carnival or isn't it? It's not mainstream, Classic Carnival. Strictly that is iridised (press) moulded glass with a pattern. I have put "press" in parenthesis as Carnival may also be blown into a mould. Press moulded is the norm though.

Your decanter is iridised - and indeed has a marigold iridescence. But what I can't see on it is a moulded pattern of any sort. Is there one? That really is the final key.

There's a lot of iridised glass that is borderline Carnival. Purists would say it's not Carnival. But there are others who enjoy a wider outlook and embrace items that are on the fringe.

It's an attractive and elegant piece of glass  :lol:



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