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Carnival Glass Relish Tray

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Carnival Glass Relish Tray, possibly dandelion pattern
I don't know if it's a repro or real Can anyone tell me? Also I cannot positively I.D. the Pattern or maker, Imperial, or Northwood possibly, circa
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Also this pattern is on the back of the dish
measures: 9.5" long x 5" wide x 1.5" deep

It looks like Indiana glass to me.  :)

The dish was made by the Indiana Glass Company in the 1970s - it's considered to be Contemporary Carnival Glass. The color was known as Iridescent Gold. The pattern is one of Indiana's "Lily Pons" range, but it sometimes gets called "sunflowers".


Tigerchips, you and I keep doing this "stereo message answering" thing. Do you think we've become telepathic in our postings?  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:


Thank You Gentlemen for your replies. I am very pleased to actually know what I have.  
Please keep an eye out for my Green compote that I posted awhile back.
Apparently it is a tough one.
I absolutely love this message board! Best in the World!


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