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Barolac daisy box

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I was told at the pressglass conference last week that this Barolac daisy box appears in the post war Czech export catalogue as designed by Jurnickl. I'd like to find out how come.

Hi Ivo,
I'm afraid you may only have part of the story.
This image may indicate the issues:
I am emailing you about this.

But it is "Marguerites" as shown in the early Barolac catalogue that had John Jenkins name on. I have seen the original blueprint.


Apologies, to board members.

This was an un-satisfactory response on my part.

To clarify the issues involved. Barolac pattern "Marguerites", was produced pre-war. This is undoubted. Certainly the box, as Ivo's example, and an ash-tray, 13190, were produced at Rudolfova Hut'.

Where this becomes a little-pear shaped, is that, whether or not the pattern is already in existence, any new items added to the range, during the communist era, were credited to the designer of the new pieces. I know of at least three cases, where Czechoslovakian designers of later pieces, have been so credited.

In this particular instance, there is clear evidence of new items, patterned in "Marguerites", being designed  in 1973/4, by Rudolf Jurnikl. These were produced at Rosice, and thus have Rosice pattern numbers. There is also a possibilty that he designed new pieces for a pattern called "Pansy" during the same period.

As to Barolac and new post-war designs being added to the Barolac range, I have documentary evidence of two pieces (possibly new patterns) being added to the range, designed by Jiri Brabec, in 1969, and made at Rosice, not Rudolfova Hut'. Sadly as yet I have no images, but will try to find some.

As this new information was discovered, it was passed on, but obviously a minor break-down in communication may be to blame.



These will be the later ones then.

Maybe we should refer to the original Jenkins-Inwald Barolac range as Classic original Barolac?



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