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Probably Chinese but...

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I'm sure I've seen it on here but can I find it :?: I can even remember that it was with a blue, green and white splodgy one that I'm sure was identified a Caithness. Not sure whether the base is polished and well worn or not polished. Click to enlarge

Do I take it from the deafening silence that it is Chinese? :cry:

Sorry, Christine :oops:

I think the answer is 'Probably'.  It could be Scandi, but the slightly bubbly glass says to me it's more likely Chinese.  

It's cleverly done, and attrractive, anyway, isn't it?   :D

I like it, particularly the 'coated' bubbles. It was only £2


--- Quote from: "Lustrousstone" --- It was only £2
--- End quote ---

Bargain!  :D  I have a few in this and similar styles, and I reckon to pay not more than £6.00 or thereabouts.  Interesting techniques, and well worth the money, IMNSHO  :wink:


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