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Blue and pink vase with prunt on base Dillon Clarke?

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Picked this up last weekend hoping I could identify it. Haven't got anywhere with so here it is. Any ideas please? It has a prunt on the bottom with a sort of cog wheel imprint and a light all over irridescence. It's 15.5 cm tall and 6 cm across

Bump. The colours have been applied to clear glass (I think) by marvering and left textured, although on the inside you can feel where the glass has slumped to cause the ripple pattern.

I did have a look round a couple of days ago for this, it looks like *another* Tudor Rose emblem to me?  I've searched for it, but haven't come up with anything.  I thought for a moment it might be Gibraltar glass, but their emblem is a kind of fortress, and it's not Guernsey (lions) either.  Stumped I'm afraid!  :(

(up early again due to wheezy tickly cough!)

Could you try some base shots at an angle please.

How about these? Click to enlarge


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