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Blue and pink vase with prunt on base Dillon Clarke?

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Bump Is this by Dillon Clarke? Ron Wheeler (Artius) has suggested it is

:D :D :D

The two vases are amazingly similar!

I'm afraid I don't know whether Dillon Clarke may have been involved - was he not an early Glasshouse student? Would AdamA know anything?

Dillon Clarke was a Glasshouse student but he's a she  :D Here's some of her more recent (relatively) stuff

Nothing like mine though

Here is what Ron said
"Now from the first image I would say it was made by a lady called Dillon Clarke who trained under the first deriving force of studio glass in the U.K. Sam Herman (an American ) who set up  'The Glasshouse in Covent garden in the early '70's. He worked alongside Michael Harris who can be acknowledged as the first British founding father of factory production processes in studio glass but of course went to Malta to set up Mdina Glass while Sam got on with it over here. They were both tutors in the glass faculty at the Royal College of Art in the '60's.
Anyway I was an agent for Dillon during her business years and she and a partner set up and ran 'Cambridge Glassmakers' in the U.K.(not to be confused with the American firm of the same name). The only thing I don't recognise is the embossed mark on the prunt and whist I.o.W.Glass also used an embossed prunt  it was very distinctive."


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