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emerald green jug (possibly Blenko?)

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Hi everyone!! am posting this beatiful emerald green jug (the pics dont do it justice!) i've had it for about 5 years now but i'm thinning out my collection and trying to raise the money for a new mattress to help my health problems!! the jug is 9 1/2 inches (24cms) to the lip and 4 5/8 inches (11.3cms) across the bottom, it is the most beatiful em,erald green and i was once told it was possibly blenko but am not surs,btw has a polished pontil

  Thank you all


no ideas on this one then huh?as i said was told bout 3 years ago that it was possibly blenko and i've searched everything i can find but am unable to come up with a match so i'm thinking not, But as this is one of the items I'm hoping to put up for sale an attribution would be great if at all possible!!!

     Many thanks everyone!!!

           John the Gaoler

Hey John you know it takes us three years to reach a tentative possibility  :lol:

I was impressed at how your old thread stimulated so much discussion with our greatly expanded membership since you first posted.

THREE YEARS Frank??!!!    I was hoping to stick it on e-bay to raise some badly needed cash!!! LOL  But seriously I really do appreciate any help I get from you guys!! BTW Frank I've got a glass figurine dog that I think MAY be pirelli will post it later if I can get a picture!!!


     Gaoler John

still no ideas then?  LOL



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