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Is it Chance-I don't think so


I bought this plate 6.5-7" diameter. 10 flutes. Textured on the outside like treebark, in fact like the cotseold glass in windows. Transfer print is silver and on the front which is smooth and has the Warwickshire County Bear in the centre. Any help please.

David E:
Hi Pat,

Yes it is Chance. It's the Cotswold texture and, as you correctly point out, is showing the Warwickshire Bear. I have one as well.

These were made for some Women's group apparently.

Well Thank you! I don't know a lot about Chance glass except it seems to turn up in every 60/70's home. I thought it wasn't after reading about the pattern normally being on the back on your web site. Perhaps I'll start getting a feel for it now.

David E:
No problem. My only thought is that mine has a white ink, no silver. The dish is listed on the site, see: 'Antique' Coloured section.

Having had another look. It is white, it is the blue behind it that gave me the impression of silver. Blame the sun on my head.


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