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Announcement: GlassGallery down for 1 hour

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GlassGallery will be down for approx 1 hour whilst I do the script upgrade and add some extra functionality. It should be back up and running by around 6pm BST today. You'll see an offline notice if you visit whilst I'm working on it. Apologies for any inconvenience this causes you.

Thanks Anne - and can I take this opportunity to say a HUGE public thank you, for all you do re. the Glass Gallery.


Yes, a big thank you, um, especially from me as I have more than 300 images on GlassGallery.  :oops:

Thank you.

And from me  :) Anne is really great! Gives much time and energy for us behind the scenes as well as being a valued contributor!

Thanks guys and gals... you're going to make me blush bigtime here.  :oops:

GlassGallery is back up and running - you'll notice a row of flags across the top - these allow users to access the interface in languages other than English.   I still have some more work to do backstage as it were but the Gallery is usable again now, although I shall take it down again for about 10 minutes later when I do another small tweak that Frank's waiting for. ;)


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