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blue cube pattern glasses maker, circa, pattern help please

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Need I.D., Pattern <maker<circa
glasses measure: 6.5" tall x 3.5" wide

Thank You Ladies & Gentlemen, My apologies to Glen for I did not know you were a Lady.

Hi Vintagerose.

I think both Fostoria and Indiana glass made this type of glassware.  It's colloquially known as the ice-cube pattern.  The proper Fostoria name is 'American' pattern, and Indiana glass called it 'Whitehall'.

I think they were from the same moulds, perhaps someone else knows how to tell the difference.   :?:

I'm with Max on the pattern identification - it's "American or "Cube" or "Whitehall" by Fostoria, Jeanette or Indiana. It's something that has had much study in the USA and the best answer I can give is to refer you to Toby Aulman's article that will tell you all about the history and the differences.

p.s. no need to apologise about the misunderstood gender identity :lol: Glen is the shortened form of my full name, but it is what I use ALL the time. Max is a girl too - and she used to have under her sign-off "Max - I'm a girl".  :lol: I've toyed with putting a girlie image under my name, but chose the rose instead, for other reasons. And finally, my thanks to Della for explaining on my behalf.

Thanks Glen, I'm pretty chuffed I got that right!  Funny how you learn things without trying sometimes - I did check on the Great Glass site though to make sure!  :lol:

I feel nostalgic now, I'm going to put my old moniker back.   :wink:

Max..... :lol:  :lol:

Actually I mis-remembered, didn't I? Wasn't it "Max - I am not a man"?



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