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blue cube pattern glasses maker, circa, pattern help please

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Ok I read the article it was very informative.  However I still do not know which one I have lol.  The Fostoria "flares out at the top" while whitehall does not.  Since it seems most everything I have is Indiana I'll go with that.  
I also had two other posts maybe you two can look into.  The milk glass compote,vase, that I now know is a punch bowl base.  Still need maker id, and the green compote I only received one reply and it was a best guess.  I am really interested in bowl.  Anyone that can help please.....

I am a Man.........  NO JUST KIDDING :lol:

I've bought & sold quite a bit of American Fostoria, and I've purchased enough Indiana Whitehall to say that I'm 99.9% sure your glasses are Indiana.  American pieces do have a more distict flare then yours.

As Toby pointed out in his article while Fostoria made some colors in their American line, a vast majority of this line was made in clear.  If it is color I usually think Indiana first.  

There is a big difference in the glass quality, and in person I can usually get it right based on that.  Also as Toby pointed out, if I'm in doubt on clear I use the blacklight test, Fostoria turns yellowish, Indiana doesn't.


Thank you for responding.  I looked up some Fostoria American and miine does not have the flare like those do.  I have to say I agree Indiana.



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