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I'm new here so please be gentle with me! Many years ago, I broke my mother's vase that I had bought her when I was quite young. It's of sentimental value to her and I have been looking for years for a similar vase. I've attached an image here :

 - The vase is 7 inches from top to bottom

As you can see, it's only the base of the stem that's broken. Do any of you fine people know if it can be repaired (maybe by replacing the existing base with the base of a wine glass) and, more importantly does anyone know the style, name or make of the vase and where I might obtain one? I live in England.

Thanks for your help.

David E:
Hi Arthur, and welcome to the GMB.

There are a few places around that can repair glass, although it looks as though there is a substantial amount of glass missing that might require the whole base being replaced - but I'm no expert so can only surmise! :roll:

I know of one place in Stourbridge: Redhouse Crafts 01384 399460, but have no experience with them.

But perhaps someone else can suggest glass repairers closer to Arthur in the [edit] north-east?

Someone in the north-east might be more useful David. Arthur is over t'other side of the country. ;)

These pretty vases do appear on Ebay from time to time Arthur.  If I were you, I'd do a Search now and then for 'Moser Enamelled' in the Bohemian/Czech section.  These vases aren't Moser, but a lot of people seem to think they are! lol

I think it's actually Italian, so you could try Searching for 'Enamelled' under the Italian/Venetian section on Ebay too. sound like a great son by the way!   :D  :D

Here's a link to find the sections you need:

David E:
Anne: sorry, this is me - I get left/right and east/west confused sometimes. :roll:

Max: yes, my first thought was Venetian. I used to have a vase with very similar decoration so I'll see if I've still got an image.

Arthur: I posted a replacement image to you, but probably didn't explain myself properly: the one currently posted is just too large and it takes time for people with dial-up modems to view it properly. Thanks.


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